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July 25, 2014

#FridayPainting : Emerald Rock Pool Girls

Some paintings I just can't live without .... like this one, called Emerald Rock Pool Girls.  

It's a painting of my daughter and her friend sitting in a rockpool on a favourite beach in Brittany.  I simply love this painting - the feeling has nothing to do with whether it's my best painting .... it's more about time and memory.  

I'm often asked how I feel when paintings are sold, will I miss them?

The answer is Yes, always.  Part of me goes with them.

Selling a painting is a mixture of thrill, (that the painting resonates with someone so much they want to live with it in their own home), and loss.  

Because a painting is all about an investment in time - there's the time spent creating the piece, when I form a relationship with it as I build/create the image - and then there's ALL the time that comes before that .... a lifetime, in fact!  (When someone asks me how long a painting has taken, well, the question is more complicated than it seems ....).

'.... all the time you put into it, all that still lives in the work after it's done ..... so you're looking at something that's stocked with this huge amount of time passed - but held. You know a good painting holds all that.'  
April Gornik (artist).

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