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May 21, 2014

Vintage posters of Brittany, France

Reflecting our daydreams of distant places - travel posters offer us possibilities of beautiful scenery, sunshine, delicious food, time-out ....  

It's the Idea of Freedom - an idea I love and hope to capture in my paintings.  These posters of Brittany, where I live, date from the 1900's to the 1950's, before the advent of TV .... another reason why I find them so attractive.

Travel to beautiful Bretagne - come and enjoy the romance of standing stones, lonely Atlantic shores, ancient fishing ports and pellucid lagoons ....

These French posters, (sourced from The Vintage Poster Gallery, where some may be available to purchase), were used to entice people to use the Chemin de Fer (railroads).  Originally, the railways were used to haul minerals - after 1842 French law legalized rail travel, opening the way for tourism. 

If you love these posters, there is a larger collection on my Travel Posters of Brittany pinboard over on Pinterest.

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