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August 12, 2015

Celtic Family Magazine interview

I love small scale, niche publications.  So, when the editor for Celtic Family Magazine recently approached me for an interview, I immediately said Yes!

Today, the Celtic lands, (known as the Celtic Nations), are Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.  Celtic Family Magazine celebrates Celtic communities, and provides global news on travel, entertainment, art, culture and history.  It's published and distributed in the USA, and is available worldwide online via Celtic Family Magazine website.

Excerpt from my interview below...

Celtic Family Magazine: You paint parts of Cornwall, Brittany and Scotland.  Can you tell the readers about their unique characteristics and your relationship to these places?

Melanie McDonald: I'm very, very lucky to have a connection with these beautiful places.  They are all Celtic regions, with strong historical and cultural similarities, yet each region has its own striking beauty and uniqueness.
These days, my life is divided between Cornwall and our renovation project - an 18th Century farm - in northwest Brittany, France.  (Cornwall and Brittany are easily accessed via the Brittany Ferry link which was started by farmers in the small fishing port of Roscoff close by).  Cornwall to me represents memories of time spent with my family on windy granite cliff walks and golden sandy beaches.  When I think of Cornwall, images of surfers enjoying strong Atlantic swells and the fairy tale romance of St. Michael's Mount float before my eyes.
The attraction of Brittany is space and the gorgeous coastline, of which there is a stunning 1,780 miles, representing a third of the total French coastline.  The coast of Brittany ranges from the dog-toothed Wrecker's Coast to islands with white sandy beaches and emerald bays, and to the famous giant sparkling pink granite boulders of the Cote de Granite Rose.  My personal sense of freedom starts in Brittany where there is so much for me yet to discover and paint.

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On Golden Shores, Locquirec, Brittany

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