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January 24, 2014

#FridayPainting : Ancient footsteps by the shore, Isle of Mull, Scotland

There once stood a bothy beside the shore at an inlet of the sea, where the men and young fellows used to meet for a ceilidh on the long dark evenings, and maybe share a drop of home-made spirits from the big still in the cave that lay under the cliffs a few miles away.  Stories were told and songs were sung and time passed with fun and banter round the peat fire that was kept burning in the middle of the floor.

I've been reading Tall Tales from an Island by Peter Macnab - above is an excerpt from A Young Man's Tale - which inspired me to choose this #FridayPainting.  When you set foot on Mull, (or any of the Hebridean Islands), there's a strong sense of past generations, now lost in the mists of time.  Fireside tales 'of the old things and old ways', are preserved in the book, so that they are not lost, or forgotten, and can still be told on long winter evenings.

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