Welcome to the blog of Melanie McDonald ! I'm a professional artist, my life is divided between my home in Newquay, Cornwall and my renovation project - an 18th Century farm - in North Brittany, France. My inspiration comes from the beautiful beaches, skies and seas of Cornwall, Brittany and Scotland. This is where I share my paintings and photographs, I hope it inspires you.

February 21, 2014

#FridayPainting : Cottage, Trotternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Look, stranger, on this island now
The leaping light for your delight discovers,
Stand stable here
And silent be,
That through the channels of the ear
May wander like a river
The swaying sound of the sea.

Excerpt from the poem On This Island by W. H. Auden

If you love islands, (I have a bit of an obsession with them!), and Scotland - I'm sure you'll adore this book, I finished it last night - Sea Room, An Island Life by Adam Nicolson.  It's the story of three lonely islands, (which can be viewed from the Trotternish peninsula in northern Skye, hence my painting!).  Beautifully written; rich, visual, passionate and totally addictive .... one of those books that I, truly, never wanted to end ....

More paintings of the Isle of Skye here! Please take a look.

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